About AF

What Angelical Fashion Offers

Angelical Fashion (AF) is not only a clothing and accessories brand but also provides cosmetics for all customers, such as:

- Nails

- Eyelashes

and others.

Initially AF was only going to be a clothing store but cosmetics was already an idea being considered. So rather than making a seperate company it was deemed a brilliant idea to put them all in one so everything is more manageable, sophisticated and fluid.

However AFs parent company Dawood Consolidated (DC) is thinking about starting a sister company to AF which entails physical goods such as:

- Bags

- Shoes

- Jackets


Inclusivity and Diversity

The problem in the fashion industry is that companies and brands do not cater for all types of audiences including religion and culture.

Angelical Fashion™ (AF) understands the importance of inclusivity and diversity within different cultures resulting in AF offering a range of Hijabs and Abayas...